Do you want to have strong family, healthy and happy children?


Then you are WELCOME, because our site is dedicated to protection of life and natural family. Do you want to join us and to do something in this direction? We are happy to cooperate. Let’s together build civilization of life and love in our families, our cities, in our countries!

On our site you can learn:

  • Last pro-life and pro-family news from Belarus and all over the world
  • About activity of the “Open Hearts” Foundation and other pro-life organizations in Belarus
  • Secrets of building of the harmonious family
  • About natural childbirth and breastfeeding
  • Full information about Natural Family Planning
  • Truth about contraception and abortion
  • How you can help pro-life and pro-family movement in Belarus,
  • How you can help families (women and children) in a crisis situation.

You are not indifferent to this theme? Then you can participate in:

  • Organization pro-life activity in your city
  • Praying and counseling women before abortion in abortion clinics and female polyclinics
  • Distributing of information and advertising on life protection
  • Assistance to women who choose life, and their children with money, food, clothing, housing, employment
  • Providing financial and volunteer assistance to development of this movement.

Are you young and unindifferent?! Really want to do something to make the world better?! Then welcome – here we are!