"And the light shines in the darkness" – this was the motto of 5th World Prayer Congress for Life in Rome, which also attended Belarusian prolifers under the leadership of Fr.Oleg Pivovar (responsible for Pastoral of families in Vitebsk Diocese). Five days from 5 to 10 October in Rome were full of prayer, insightful report of Christian leaders, as well as interesting meetings with people united by one purpose: to realize teaching of the Catholic Church in defense of life and family. The Holy Father Benedikt XVI especially blessed this work in audience with participants Congress, and appointed a special day of prayer for the unborn child – November 27, 2010.

23-24 July volunteers of “Open Hearts” Foundation visited International pro-Life Festival in Moscow. It gathered many active defenders of Life and family values from Russia, mostly Orthodox believers and priests.  Also such stars of Catholic world as Antuan Lisec and Antonij Shimansky were among speakers.

It was interesting for us to learn, that there are many pro-life organizations in different Russian regions, and most of them specialize in one kind of activity. Also so-called “Hard prolife” presented its activity, but it caused mixed reaction. Defenders of life mostly want to bring love and peace to other people. Orthodox priests and bishops focused attention on the importance of prayer in the matter of saving children.

Regrettably that only representatives of Catholic Church have officially spoken against contraception and IVF. There is an opinion that the Festival could become the promotion of contraceptive technology.

Time will show the fruits by which we recognize the importance and true meaning of this event.

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Belarusian Catholic Church organized 21-22.08.10 the IV Interdiocesan pilgrimage of families to Sanctuary of Virgin Mary “Queen of Lakes” in Braslav.

The central event was the Holy Mass, Rosary and The Divine Mercy Chaplet, during which they prayed for the Belarusian families, for rebirth in them love and trust, for their openness to life and childbirth.

Husbands and wives in those days renewed their marital promises, gave testimony of their marital life, have a pastoral blessing from Bishop Anthony Demyanko (Head of the Council for Family Affairs in Catholic Church of Belarus).

November 20, 2010 at Church “Grace” in Gomel was held Conference “In defense of life and family", which attracted people from various Christian denominations. The following organizations and movements shared their results: “Open Hearts” Foundation, “Daddy-School”, “School of childbirth”, “Milky Country".

Conference participants presented such reports: “International studies in the field of protection of life and family” (Vladislav Volohovich), “Abortion and its consequences for Church and society”(Alesya Lastochkina), “Contraception and IVF: the truth and myths. Christian Response” (Vladislav Volohovich), “Motherhood and service to God”(Oksana Podlobko), “12 reasons to born one more” (Oksana Makeyenko).